Most women receive positive pregnancy results between ten and sixteen days past ovulation; however, this does not mean that you can't get an accurate positive result earlier or later. Which does not make any sense. So my advise it beware of the equate blue dye test! I will of course be taking my second test in a few more days. Taking consecutive tests on same day will certainly show lighter results. Could have it been just dye spreading from the control line or positive result or just defective? Many women ask if it's possible that they're pregnant even though they got a negative result on a home pregnancy test. Question: I have had 2 periods since I gave birth on August 14th and I’m late by 3 days. If you are planning to hoard Equate Pregnancy Test from the Walmart sale, go ahead. A lot of women complain that taking blue dye tests can give wrong results, but Clearblue designed an excellent test with a big sponge tip that makes taking these tests easier. Do you need to know potential symptoms of pregnancy before you could take any type of testing? Question: I'm a week late on my period, but clear blue gave me a negative but the equate brand gave me a positive. It depends on the test's sensitivity level. Digital tests are also quite often a little more expensive. The Equate Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate. It has a decent level... You have entered an incorrect email address! They simply state "pregnant" or "not pregnant" and that's that. When these antibodies attach to the hCG particles, a chemical reaction takes place which leads to color development. Unfortunately, 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Their sensitivity is also rated at an early-test level. My test show on horizontal blue line on the right and a horizontal blue line on left. First one i peed on stick it was a dark positive after 30 seconds and the positive line got lighter after 24 hours and disappeared compltely. So i googled "equate brand false positives blue dye walmart" and sure enough tons of women have had the same false positives. After all you have to duplicate the test to cross check. Some darker than others . There is nothing wrong with blue dye tests, and they are often just as sensitive as pink dye tests. If that is the code of the PT you used then it is negative. Answer: The bleeding could mean a few things. Find the answers to all your questions about pregnancy tests right here... Just cracked open your digital pregnancy test to find two blue lines? Most experienced pregnancy test users will tell you to avoid the blue dye tests if possible. That said, First Response and Clearblue are not the only tests on the market. Could it be a phantom pregnancy or some other illness that mimics pregnancy? I’m so frustrated with the equate brand. The most sensitive test you can get would be a blood test at the doctor, she says, where they measure the hCG levels. So, you think you might be pregnant, but you're not sure which pregnancy test to trust. Read them immediately. Above mentioned description is of Equate One-Step Pregnancy Test. The Equate early Pregnancy Test is a reliable and accurate pregnancy test. But with pink dye, blue dye, and even digital pregnancy tests to choose from, which one should you go with? We had sex twice more with a condom, but after finishing the condom came off when he was pulling out. Sometimes the blue dye pregnancy tests aren't as sensitive as the pink dye tests. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. I haven't given up yet on this cycle by any means and I did go get an FRER 3 pack so I'll give it a few more days and test again. The Equate Test hCG strip should be as untouched as possible. My periods are irregular so when they run a little late I like to take a pregnancy test just in case. It simply means that you’re observing the wrong thing or test is defective. The test sensitivity surpasses most cheap pregnancy tests. So I have not had an actual period since the beginning of August. Question: I haven't gotten my period for two months. Is this a negative. This article will outline several reasons why you may get a false negative. The question here is, what are the chances of an evaporation line. The Equate Pregnancy Test is a cheap pregnancy test. In order to prevent evaporation lines, follow the test instructions. However there is a horizontal in the first window and vertical in the control window. I bought a 2 pack of equate (walmart) brand tests today and took them both. I’m puking and my stomachs cramping any advice ?? After reading and seeing all these negative comments about blue dye I'm starting to think that my test was just a joke. I’m so anxious to know. Take another test and you’ll get your answer. You should also be sure to read your result within the listed time limit. They can detect hCG-h. Get a pregnancy blood test to confirm the results. After 30mins it’s mostly evap. Keep it straight inside the cup contents for few seconds briefly, don’t shake it. Watch for these if it's too early to take a pregnancy test. No, it doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant. You can take a pregnancy test whenever you want. Walmart Pregnancy Tests sensitivity is equivalent to any other pregnancy test in the market. Clean your hands and carefully remove the Equate PT from a box. It should help you decide if it is too early to take a pregnancy test or not. Otherwise, “Using the First Response Early Result is also a reliable and accurate over-the-counter pink dye test that can be used to detect pregnancy,” she recommends. Some women take longer to reach the hCG levels of pregnancy test others may get it earlier. This is the kind of hCG that women produce very early on in pregnancy. I have taken 3 tests where it should be a plus. In each day of pregnancy, levels of hCG rise by 50% reaching a peak of around 100, 000 mlU/ml by week 10. As if there is not enough to worry about already, you also need to make the decision whether you want to purchase a pink or a blue dye pregnancy test. If you don't want to wait until you've missed your period, you should at least wait a few weeks until after you have had sex. Get up in the morning and straight away head for taking the Equate Test. They do develop evap lines after the time frame. Please help! Or I am having no period because of breastfeeding? All of them will vanish. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. This month, I have been spotting for two weeks now. This is period week. Am I pregnant? Probably you held the kit wrong side. If you do any mistake while testing like dropping the Equate Test kit, discard it. The chances of getting a false negative are much higher when testing before your expected period rather than after you have missed a period. Evap line forms only vertically and quite late. equate blue dye pregnancy test sensitivity; Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test, 1 Count. If you think you are not pregnant then it is false + pregnancy test. So likely what happened was the Equate brand is more sensitive. hCG's primary role is to keep the corpus luteum functioning. I laid the test flat for 2 minutes, and I seen the test form the positive vertical line. The New Choice Pregnancy Test is the favorite of buyers at the Dollar Tree store. Should you use a pink or blue dye pregnancy test? Waiting too long to interpret the results may give you an evaporation line. This article is focused on the first trimester of pregnancy. Clear Blue Digital with Conception Indicator, All First Response Tests (Early Result, Rapid Result). Most people find that there is less guesswork when using the pink dye tests. But then it is only a false positive, the levels of hCG mimicking substance will fall soon. I know blue tests have a bad rep, but I honestly think these tests are … Though Equate Tests are copies of high-end brands like EPT and First Response, they are not exact copies. Each brand of pregnancy test should indicate on the box when the test results should … There *is* a downside to extra sensitive pregnancy tests though. Take a test once and then wait for a couple of days before next. Keep the kit away from sunlight and magnetic field such as mobile phones. The result I got was a faint HORIZONTAL line and a strong vertical line. Testing before one's period is due can result in a very faint positive result. Do not drink caffeine products or excessive water. Your urine was diluted and so the volume of hormone in it was comparatively not enough. The Equate PT comes as a set of pregnancy tests. It has been a few days, and I should have started my period, but I have not. A faint line which is if proper color is positive. Whether the test is light or faint, if multiple tests give the same result it means you’re getting positive. However, stress could also be delaying your period. However, this does not mean that you won't get a positive result before your missed period. If you got a negative and then faint positive then it could be evap line. The kind where one vertical line is the control line, and if it’s positive it would be a plus sign.. when I opened the test this morning, fmu, it already had a distinct grey line straight across the test area. Sorry for the book. That’s because blue dye tests are notorious for evaporation lines. If the line is colorless, then it can be evaporation line. It is all about how accurate and sensitive the kit is. It can be because of a defect or an indent line. If you have had unprotected sex then I would suggest seeing your doctor. My period isn’t due until the end of the month, could I be pregnant? I’ve taken them over the course of 4 days . For the most accurate results, wait until you have missed a period before you test. At first I wasn't ready or even sure I wanted another baby but after thinking I might be pregnant that mothering instinct kicked in and now I want one. At times the test line detectors start showing. An evaporation line on a pregnancy test is due to the evaporation of urine in the test window where the antibody strip is located. I took equate one step pregnancy test in the morning 6:00am, after my two months of missing periods. I dipped the test strip in my urine and counted the 20 seconds. Pregnancy tests that show a faint line create confusion. It all depends on implantation and the sensitivity of the pregnancy test. ! Not sure if that’s normal or a defective test. First Response 6 Days Sooner (rectangular window). The most sensitive tests (like the ones available at Early Pregnancy are capable of detect hCG levels at the 20mIU/hCG threshold (mIU, or International Units, is a level of measurement). And the plus sign means you are pregnant. I've never had any bleeding before with my other three kids. Symptoms and signs for taking the Equate Pregnancy Test, Components inside the Equate Pregnancy Test Pack, Things you need while using Equate Pregnancy Test, Precautions while using Equate Pregnancy Test, Interpreting the results of Equate Pregnancy Test, Most important caution while using Equate Pregnancy Test, Change in cervical mucus consistency and amount and the color gets towards brown, Softening of vagina and widening the cervical path, Abdominal cramps and pain in ovaries, Upper abdomen. Should I see a doctor? The Equate One Step Pregnancy Test is easy-to-read and can be used any time of day. You’re absolutely on the right track thinking about repeating the test. Insufficient information provided. You may need to squint to see it and question whether it is actually there or not. A negetive shows the first blank with a vertical control line. Is it accurate on it being negative since it turned really quickly? The chances are high that it was an evap line. & all have faint lines . Don’t Actually Pee On The Stick: I know, I know. Nowadays, early pregnancy testing at home is common and easily possible. Basically, I took the equate ept with the verticle line results. The window for positive result has a faint line. Tried another frer and nothing! Take another test. A horizontal line might mean minus or negative. I am an LPN (licensed practical nurse), and I am currently employed at a local hospital working in acute/transitional care. What are some common types of pregnancy tests? Inside a pregnancy test kit you get only the test. What does this mean? Good luck! • Follow the test's instructions. Its important for implantation and other processes going on inside your body. A positive (let's hope anyway) is thick, blue, can be faint or dark, and appears within the ten min time frame!! Could I still be pregnant? A cheap alternative with attributes of high-quality pregnancy tests, They are other cheaper versions of famous brands, A single blue line in the Control panel: It only validates the working conditions of kit. Keep the tip the straight and hold it from the handle and facing downwards. On average, after ovulation, it takes the fertilized egg approximately 6-12 days to implant into the uterus. Each kit varies slightly in its steps to follow. Answer: If you are still young, it is very common for your period to not be regular quite yet, which may result in skipping a period or two from time to time. I tool a one step pregnancy test and it was immediately positive. Discard it after taking a picture if you want to preserve the results you got. The concentrated the urine the more precise will be the results of a pregnancy test. Equate Pregnancy Test is the cheaper version of First Response Pregnancy Test and EPT Pregnancy Test. And that yes, you are pregnant. After frozen embryo transfer ideally 2 weeks wait until pregnancy test is advisable. This means you're not pregnant but the test says you are. This is a fairly good level of sensitivity. All you have to keep in mind is that you need to keep the Equate PT in a dry and moisture-free place. Usually, the evaporation line is more grey than pink or blue. False negative is the opposite, when you are pregnant but test doesn’t get a line. And if you’re sure of the vertical lines being the only option then the kit is defective. I took the Equate early response with two vertical lines I’m 4 days late…..the control line took forever to turn blue…..does that mean it is defective? I bought the 2 pack Equate Test from Walmart, (the positive result shows a vertical line). Congrats!!!! Generally speaking a faint positive is still positive. In rare cases, you can have a false-positive result. Keep your uterus calm! The Equate PT can detect an hCG level of 25 mIU/ml in urine. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.