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Start of the Fall half of 2017 season

This weekend marks the start of the Fall half of the 2017 season.  Perfect  time for a quick review and a look ahead;
There have been 17 different drivers that have scored points in the EFF series to date. We have had some really wet (boatlike?) races, finally a 2 day race weekend at AMP, incredibly close races that were decided by mere inches at the line, but the most impressive thing this year is how close the whole grid is in lap times. Often the entire grid of 10 cars will be covered by less than 2 seconds. Very cool.
This summer there were 10 drivers that travelled back to Indianapolis and Mid Ohio to run with SVRA. The second weekend in June presented the Open Wheel World Challenge at INDY. This was a huge gamble for Tony Parella and SVRA; how many open wheel racers would come to INDY to run the famed F1 and MotoGP Road Course? 350+ open wheel cars showed up! It was amazing. Walking around the paddock looking at all the incredible cars that showed up was truly an eye candy experience. The FFord group had some exquisite examples, such as the Gurney Eagle, the one and only Japanese FF - the Hayashi, lots of Lotii(?), gorgeous examples of a variety of Crossle’s, on and on. Needless to say, it was a blast.
The next weekend at INDY was the Brickyard Invitational also with SVRA. That brought out a whole new batch of incredible vintage cars of all types, varieties and ages. Again, walked miles and miles just staring at cars. This event was a spectator event and there were people everywhere. The tribal knowledge about cars and racing amungst the fans was actually refreshing; you were having real discussions with people instead of answering the general question “how fast is it???”
We then moved to the green fields of Mid Ohio. All that green looks all wrong to me. The cars loved it and wanted to stay on the soft, fluffy, green runoff areas and paddock. Luckily we were able to park on the asphalt paddock, but lots of drivers camped out and enjoyed the grassy hills. What a cool sight to see campers with cars parked as far as the eye can see on a grassy hill, although in the rain …… The racing was again incredible and all our drivers found the track extremely challenging. It is a very high ‘commitment’ track and rewards planning and keeping your foot on the floor. Easy to say – difficult to do.  All I heard after the weekend was; we are coming back – we know where there is a second!
A planned trip to Miller in Utah, now called Utah Motorsports Campus did not come to fruition. We were trying to work a weekend in that would be 5 hours of track time over 3 days. Both the 3 mile outer loop and the 4.5 mile full course would have been used over the weekend. Stay tuned and start planning – keep mid September 2018 open as we are going to start planning early to put this on the EFF schedule!!
There is a new tyre that we will be using as the TOYO R888 has been discontinued. We will be using the new TOYO R888R and the tyre is available at TrackFast.
As we start back up, there are some new cars, some old new cars, new drivers and as always a lot of fun on tap. Remember I still have a couple of cars that are available if there are drivers on the fence about open wheel. Come out to the track and find out what the fuss is all about.
See you at the track. Jens

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