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Wow, the glow of running at AMP is finally ebbing just a smidge. What a fun track. We had 6 cars show up, and everyone had fun trying to find the track. Quite a few drivers viewed the track from different vantage points OFF the track, and it brought back memories that there are 3 decreasing radius turns.

I also found out that my memory is really bad, as (embarrassingly) on the first lap out I distinctly remembered two left turns, yet after the first slight left, as I was setting up the next left 'flick of the wheel' I clearly saw the track out of the right side of the cockpit! What followed was a typical 'what the HELL is the track doing over there' followed by a complete brain fade, flailing of steering wheel, trying to jab at the correct pedal somewhere down in the footwell, trying to find a gear, any gear!,wondering who was behind me, trying to see if anyone was watching - hoping they weren't, finally coming to rest in a cloud of dust and zero visibility. The most embarrassing part was I was probably doing about 40 when this whole thing started. Of course, the list of excuses started forming; cold tyres, cold engine, cold track, cold driver, not in car for 5 months, etc. etc. That all faded when I came in at the end of the session and Lisa looked at me and asked 'So, do you need the vacuum?? Nice move!'

The only solice was seeing clouds of dust from around the track, realizing that others couldn't find that black ribbon either.Talking about the track, it is beautiful and smooth, wonderful curbs, quite tricky, rewards late turn-in, and was a hoot to drive. It is very wide, allowing different lines, apexes (apexii??) lots of power on corner exit, and has to be wonderful when you get it right. I did not experience any of that as I don't think I ran 2 laps the same. It was FUN!!

We all ran the same SuperTrapp with 10 plates and passed the sound requirements easily. We would like to thank Dan for inviting us out and it was great to be back on the track. The sound requirements made it pleasurable for everyone in the pits as well, and a number of people commented about how nice it was to be able to sit and chat with cars on the track. Hopefully we get to run out there again in the fall.

See you at the Main track end of the month. Regards, Jens and Lisa

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