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Montreal Grand Prix 2015

Montreal Grand Prix is always filled with anticipation and excitement. Incredible racing is the norm and the fans turn out! Our drivers and crew all arrive on Wednesday evening settle into the hotel and ready themselves for a fabulous weekend in Montreal.

We start Thursday off with some gear changes, and then onto our track tour where drivers and crew get a first hand look at the entire track. During our tour Formula 1 drivers and engineers are doing the same and lucky for us we get to see a few famous faces. Our fellow Canadian racers offer loads of suggestions about how to manuever around the track, but our favorite is Nigel Mortimer, his crew and drivers. Every year they take our drivers around the track and provide such great insights.

For those that follow us on facebook (facebook.com/eformulaford) and (facebook.com/Tricalmracing) you already know how successful we were in Montreal, for those that don't follow us on Facebook, please do. We provide up to the minute information, (when we are not thrashing to get the cars out), so you can enjoy the experience with us.

Pit lane is always great fun as we sit in front of some of the best Formula 1 has to offer. Racers yes, but fans themselves they love when we pull in with our cars as we have some of the oldest ones in the field. Back when they were racing these were the cars to have.

We had the privelage this year of racing with Jacques Villeneuve in the Masters Class this weekend. Very nice guy and very talented driver. Jacques Villeneuve takes 1st, Jim Edmonds finished 2nd with Jens Plougmann finishing 3rd  and Ken Herbst finishing 4th for Tricalm Racing both Saturday and Sunday. Look at the smiles on their faces, just doesn't get any better than this. Steve Temple and Mason Dwinell finish well in the Pro Class along with Alex and Tim Herbst. Congratulations to all our drivers!

Remember to view more photos of the Montreal weekend go to our gallery page.


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