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January 2017 WHP-West

The 2017 EFF season started at the WHP West track. Saturday the racing was on the normal track running CCW and all the drivers settled in to racing. Sunday dawned with a new challenge, running the track CW. It was fun to watch all the drivers trying to figure out braking points, turn in points and where on earth to pass. It was amazing to see how close the cars were running in lap times and on track. At the end of the weekend Dave and Lori finished the last race on Sunday, after 16 laps, seperated by 0.6 secs at the finish line. That is close!

This weekend was also the official start of the new EFF format. The first morning session is a Practice/Qualifying, the next 2 sessions are Qualifying Races and the final session is the Main Race. 3 races each day! This came about as we noticed that any time a green tinted cloth was waved anywhere in the vicinity of the track a race broke out. Funny how that happens. It does mean that it is game on from the first session, and all the drivers have really enjoyed this new format, even the drivers that used to sleep in and miss the first session are now at the track early.

We will try and get some comments and views from the grid as we move forward through the 2017 season.

Thanks, Jens

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