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Inde and Summer

Summer is here. Finally. Now we can all get our cars ready for the Fall, which will be here before we know it!

The last event at INDE was a hoot. 12 cars showed up for the weekend and we had a fun time chasing each other all over the desert. I think we had 3 cars in the 1:58's at some point during the weekend, and Saturday Jim had a little incident but thankfully is fine. He is already plotting and planning a stunning return. I think that track is just perfect for a Formula Ford, and once I learn how to stay on that narrow black ribbon, it will all be better. Actually I seem to remember numerous high speed 'mowers' that weekend. Ken turned a 2:10 by the end of the weekend, and came away smiling. 21 corners is a lot to remember. Tim had the Caldwell just humming, and it was great to see him out there so soon after the procedure, and the new hip has Jared all fired up and standing on the gas. Great job Jared! Thanks to everyone that made the trek to Willcox. Please check MyLaps to see the results. There are a lot of fast cars out there.

Camren has been doing a great job in the Pacific 2000 Series and has been working on getting the F2000 Zetec moved up the grid. They are running at some really tough tracks and he is doing quite well. Tom has reason to be proud. Now as long as we can stop Camren giving Tom any more driving tips!!!

Savina ran her World Formula kart on the huge track, and with only 10hp ran a time of 2:18. Not too shabby, and that averages to approximately 68mph if my high school math still holds. I didn't realize how rough the track is till she came back in after a session: Lisa had given her a pint of milk which Savina put in her pocket. It was ice cream after the session! Next time we are adding fruit.

In the meantime we have added a few more cars to the group. Bob purchased a LeGrand, Hank has a Crossle and Tracy is trying to find a car, but assures me he will have something before September. Also heard from Marshall, and he has settled down and is also looking for a car for the Fall season. This is just terrific. There are currently 30 FF's in Arizona (including our 2 rentals), so I am going to try and convince a minimum of 15 cars to come out for either the October FIR West, or the November Thanksgiving Enduro weekend. It would be terrific to see a grid of 15 or more FF's line up; when last did we have that in Arizona?!?

Tracy asked for a gear chart reflecting the gears we run in the cars at the tracks, both 9:31 CWP and 10:31 CWP. It is ready to send out if anyone would like a copy, just let me know. If any of the technically inclined would like to share their custom charts/graphs/calculating spreadsheets to confuse mere mortals even more, (Dave, Jim, John??????) please send over and I will get them out as well.

Over the summer, please check you seatbelt dates, helmet date and also take your fire-bottle out and weight it, please. We are a self tech group, but let's make sure the safety gear is up to date. I have also asked Jim to write a note about seatbelts and tightening them correctly. He now has first hand knowledge. Remember that you need to use a neck restraint of an approved type.

Have a terrific summer and please call if you have any suggestions, comments or questions.
Regards, Jens, Lisa and Savina

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