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February 2017 WHP West

It never rains in Arizona. Never. That is, unless the EFF group hits the track. The February race was scheduled to run on the WHP Main track. Mere days before the weekend the track announced that the upgrades being worked on for the National Drag Race were behind schedule and we would have to move to the West track. Thankfully we did that as the rains came. Wonderful rain. Wet rain! Yes, Murray, the track was wet! EFF boat racing evolved. The photos say it all. What a hoot. Drivers had an absolute blast and the racing was again amazingly close. Even in the puddles and downpour, drivers were mere inches apart at times.

The afternoon saw more rain and the first few last were interesting to say the least. In the following picture there are 3 cars in the puddle. I don't think they were ever further apart than this, even when it started raining again during the session. Hats off to the drivers for putting on a very entertaining race, and also to the Toyo tyre for being a really good compromise and allowing actual racing in conditions like this. We cancelled the race on Sunday due to continued overnight rain and we were concerned that the ground was so saturated that the ground would not support a car on the roll over hoop should anyone tip over, making it a bit of a risk.

Another great day at the track. In sunny Arizona. Thanks, Jens

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