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East Track Event Review

By Tim H. 4-12-2017

"When I woke up this morning I never imagined I would be dicing with an Atlantic car." - John M.

Our final Phoenix points event before the summer break is now in the books. Temperatures moderated just for the weekend, and a little cloud cover made all the difference in the paddock but things were definitely "hot" out on the track.  The usual stalwarts brought their A Games to prove that Formula Ford racing on street tires is about as competitive a sport as can be found.  The usual mid-pack crowd mostly took the weekend off, with some clearly saving their cars for the summer tour and my bronchitis cough convincing everyone I had at least some excuse for being so slow.  When I was up to running at all. Just to be sure, though, I reminded everyone I had put in Indianapolis gears for a testing/shakedown weekend.  Just for completeness I short-shifted into fourth a couple of times on the straight right about at the point where we all had to avoid the big hole in the pavement.  I'll be ready by June.

John D. showed up Sunday with a fresh set of the new Hoosier tires and sliced through most of us as if he were on slicks; we anxiously hope he'll be joining us more often if only to demonstrate how those tires last.  Jim, on a set of the new style R888R Toyos, was able to keep in touch with John all day and pace him within 0.1sec, but never did see a safe opportunity to pass.  If you only watched the front of the pack you'd think there was no racing at all.  That would ignore all the dogfighting about a second/lap back in a pack with best lap times fractions of a second apart.  Dave K tended to come out ahead in that group but was never entirely secure with a gaggle of cars mere seconds behind him all race long. Jim M brought out his stunning March 80a Formula Atlantic for a shakedown prior to the exhibition race in support of the Indy Car race at PIR later this month.

The trek to Indianapolis and Mid-Ohio is the exciting prospect for one group, while the rest of you will no doubt show the folks at INDE how things are done.  We can all look forward to more close competition at the fall reunion when we start up at INDE Willcox in September.

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