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AMP Info

AMP is next in two weeks.  Remember that we are using the 449-2018 Supertrapp muffler with 10 discs to make the 94dB limit.  It is available from Summit Racing or Amazon or .... (fill in your favorite vendor)  If your car has not passed the sound test, be there early and ready to go for the individual test session. You will need to run full throttle by the sound meter and be below the 94dB limit to get the sticker.

My First "Road"-eo!

Friday - My day started early in Nashville, 1 leg back to Phoenix then home to Payson by 11am. With the workday over the fun begins. The car and all the ancillary support gear are already loaded in the trailer, checked and double checked but there is always that nagging “what did I forget?” question running through my head.

Wild Horse Pass Main Track & Mondo Event

Wow, what a weekend! It was a blast, and apparently we had fun on 2 continents.

Camren Claims Top Step on the Podium

28 September, 2013 – With three different leaders and action throughout the field, the first Dunlop MSA Formula Ford Championship race of the post-Dan Cammish era was a thriller from start to finish, with new champion Cammish’s team-mate Camren Kaminsky fighting through the drama to win and maintain the JTR team’s unbeaten record.

Whoop Whoop!

COMING SOON:  Hey EFormulaford drivers, we have an RF92 Van Diemen heading our way this fall. Coming out of retirement Marshall Lillquist will be joining us with his new machine....well after we put it back together. Marshall wanted a few things done to the car before he makes his return debut. If you have never seen a car this naked before you will enjoy the photos as we document the rebuild process. Keep your eyes on this thread for updates. 

Saville Row!

Saville Row!

Ever heard of it? It is “the” place in London where one would go to have one’s bespoke tailoring done i.e. get your suit fitted. What on earth does that have to do with a race car? For you old hands quit laughing, for the new guys (me) the idea of being “fitted” for my car was downright strange; you get in, you sit down, you strap in and you drive! What else is there … read on.

Hammerhead Racing East - Toyo Test Results

Hi Everyone, Mike Milner heads up the East Coast Operation for Hammerhead Racing. Here is his report on the Toyo Tires he tested.

Howdy Jens 
 Greetings from Hillbilly Haven .
I am just crawling out of bed after recouping from a steamy day at Heartland 

Close Running

By Tim Herbst:

New Formula Ford Joins the Group

Hey Everyone, say hello to the newest race-car to enter the group. This beautiful 88 Van Diemen. Looks racey! The driver Dave Knight will make his first appearance with the new car in October. This should make a total of 5 new cars on track with us in October! 

Tim Herbst - Montreal Race Report

By Tim Herbst. 

The following report is from one fairly narrow perspective; no doubt others could offer a grander view of a very grand weekend.


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