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Great Weekend!

Swift DB1 in the leadI had some frustration such as being high centered and watching the cars go by. I should have waved to everyone going by but I was to busy watching my rear wheels spinning. My new formula ford ran great until I trashed the gear box. Good thing because Jens was worried about the competition. Jumped in Jens' rental car (14) for the final practice session before the Enduro.

Happy Thanksgiving

Marshall's rebuild continues, he will be on track tomorrow to shake down the car and get ready for the Enduro Weekend. Lots of seat time and a ton of cars this weekend. Special guests from the Mid-West and West Coast will join the fun this weekend. Great way to work off all that Turkey we are going to consume today!

Back Together Again

Marshall's car is now in the re-assembly stage. First the floor, look at all those rivets. The engine slides into place with no problems. Rear suspension is hung and next up the front suspension. Time to do a little wiring in the cockpit for the fire system and dash. Tires will be ordered this week along with completing the decals, and a pre-fitting for the driver towards the end of the week.

A Tale of Two Races

It really started at AMP.  After a tough path to getting a successful sound check (including a lot of help from the guys, which I am learning is the norm), I finally made it to the race session.  Somehow, I was running with cars actually behind me.

Formula Ford Racing Videos at Bondurant West Track

Hello fellow racers,

I've got just enough organized to get videos from the two feature races for the weekend uploaded.

I'll seriously need to upgrade my pipe if I'm going to do many more of these, as they take FOREVER to upload HD via my ADSL connection.

Saturday: http://youtu.be/oaD4EP33fIg     
Sunday: http://youtu.be/Zh_Xg5Q2MpU 

Bonduraaaant West !


Terrific Weekend at Bondurant West

Formula Ford RacingWhat a terrific weekend. 13 cars 

Whoop Whoop Update


Take a look at this beauty! The frame has returned and the re-build process is about to start. This frame has a silver powder coat and a clear coat on it. The color is called Sport Silver and the clear is a Wheel Alloy Clear. The results are stunning! 

Next Step - turn her upside down, put the floor on and add some skid plates,

We also powder coated these pieces....now if we can only remember where they all go.


AMP’ed; and I’m not talking coulombs here!

So I go outside, look up and in the Southeastern sky Orion sits majestically, in the Southwest the Moon is full and bright. Wait a minute; Orion is in the wrong place! It’s dark and this time of year should be a lot further West. Then in dawns on me, it is very early in the morning and race day, the smile forms.  Where is my coffee?

Race Report from AMP

Race report, AMP, October 2013

With the weather finally in the Chamber of Commerce section, we headed for AMP, our slice of heaven in the Phoenix area.


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