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Racing Peeps

Racing PeepsCheck out this great photo Marshall found. Have a Happy Easter Everyone! See ya'll in the fall....

Marshall and Sara


The Best of Racing!

What makes EFF the greatest is the competition. Regardless of how great of a driver you are there is always someone to race against. The biggest group is the West track times of 1:05 to 1:06 , five to eight cars in this time slot. But there are the overachievers, some of which can start at the back of the starting grid and still beat everyone including the high performance cars.

The Art of Motor Racing - Emerson Fittipaldi

I was lucky to find a copy of the above book on amazon. It is fun to read Emerson's adventures and his unabridged perspective on driving and his formative years in racing cars. I found  more than a few quotes that hit home. Below is one applicable to the type racing you, I  and the the Euro gang are doing. Page 15 and 16.  This is Emerson talking about finding the Limit.   Enjoy....

Great Racing at Wild Horse Pass East

It was another great weekend for the Euro Formula Fords at Wild Horse Pass East.  We came to the track on Friday to unload the car and get a head start on the weekend, and catch up with everyone.

East is Least..... I don't think so!

Friday. The Phoenix traffic has adapted well to my driving. The trip down the hill from Payson was easy and uneventful. After delivering the car to the track, exchanging pleasantries with the other early birds I left, ran a couple of errands for Paula and went home.

Thank You to all from Marcel

I wish to share with the eformulaford.com community how lucky I am to have been invited by Lisa and Jens to take part in the past race of March 8th and 9th 2014 in Arizona on the same track that saw Nigel Mansel for his INDYCAR beginnings.

Invaded By Canada!

Another great weekend!    We were invaded by Canada! Marcel was a
great addition to the group and all enjoyed racing with him. If anyone
questions how good Jens' rental cars are just needs to look at Marcel's
times. It is great to see how everyone is getting faster except my
improvement is more than matched by everyone else. Thanks Lisa ,Savina and

West Track....revisited


Easy drive, little traffic, no fuss. The EFF pit area was easy to find, I think the preponderance of pink tape blended delicately with citrine cones may have had some influence on the parking choices of the other racers! Dropped the trailer at the track but left it inside the trailer for the night.



FUN Weekend...

Saturday, I crewed for Brian Cover in his DB1. We didn't get a podium, but learned a lot about the car and setup. He is coming along well and gaining driving experience, a good addition to our group, and is my teammate.

Great Weekend!

Jens kept me on the track all weekend. Added AIM system 
which was a bad idea,can't lie anymore.


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