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Montreal GP 2015 has been confirmed by Marcel. Our Canadian Summer Tour dates are finally set! 
Montreal GP - June 5 - 7th
ICAR - July 3-5
Temblant  - July 24-26
GP3R - July 31- Aug 2
What a great honor it is to run at some of these iconic tracks. Thanks to Marcel and his group for extending the invitation to our group this year. We look forward to returning and representing Arizona.


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note, there has been a change to the EFF policies and ALL DRIVERS must now sport the new Sparco drivers suit made especially for us. Please click on read more for further details.

“It’s raining and the track is wet.”

The title of this report is one of a string of quotes from Murray Walker. I grew up watching F1 on Sunday afternoons and one could always count on Murray to find a way to murder the Queen’s English. Here is a couple more for your reading pleasure. “Schumacher wouldn't have let him past voluntarily. Of course he did it voluntarily, but he had to do it.” Also, “I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong.”

1. As if it’s not slippery enough on these first sessions the puddles add a visual reminder to be careful. Savina (read Jens/Lisa) has picked a fine day for her Formula car debut. By all accounts she did great. Her outings bragging rights include being one of only 3 drivers that did NOT test the rotational capabilities of their cars. She also performed many acts of bravery and bravado which I will look forward to reading about in her first race report.

I ran the RF-93K, the first time this car has seen rain or been on the track before 11am! Much laughter was directed at me for cleaning the car immediately on return to the pits. In my defense I was afraid that Mike would arrive and repo the car.

2. The track is drying nicely. The threats of a deluge of Biblical proportions have given way to a partly cloudy, cool and breezy day. Perfect for testing! Had a good second session, I am starting to generate a list of things that need to be moved to get really comfortable in the car. Don’t mention this to Lisa as I am sure she will add one extra cinch to the seat belts just because!

New Racer in the Family

We are proud to welcome the newest member to our racing family. Say hello to Eben Herbst, son of John Herbst and Grandson to Ken and Karen Herbst.

After lengthy discussions with the dog, Eben has decided he too wants a race car. Come on Grandpa, you couldn't possibly say no to that little face.

Congratulations John, Ken and Karen, we look forward to seeing Eben at the track someday.

Crossle' Mania

Wow ! The Enduro weekend looked fun at Wild Horse Pass ! It was awesome to see old friends and make some new ones too. It seems that we will have as many Crossle's in January as we used to have total cars at the EFF events.

New Cars

A quick note on an incredible number – during the last 3 weeks there has been a flurry of activity in the EFF ranks. 10, yes TEN, cars have traded hands in the past 3 weeks! Where else in America can a group say that!!

6 of the cars are with drivers new to our series, and 4 were purchased by drivers already running in the EFF series.


Okay, we are officially NUTS in Arizona!!!

The Flail

The Flail,

Is it an infantry weapon derived from an agricultural tool? Or maybe a medical term meaning to exhibit abnormal or pathological mobility, such as flail chest or flail joint? Or the third option, found in the lesser known “Dave’s Dictionary”, – v. the almost painful thrash to prepare racecars for an upcoming race weekend!

Wild Horse East - A Little Wild...

Let's get the obvious out of the way.  


Great racing at Inde! Weather cooperated unless you are from Alaska. New track to me but Jim E. gave a tour which really helped. Super turnout of EFFs with new people and new paint jobs. New people held up better than new paint. While I am thinking about paint, Jarred is the cause of my new paint not being so new.


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