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Start of the Fall half of 2017 season

This weekend marks the start of the Fall half of the 2017 season.  Perfect  time for a quick review and a look ahead;
There have been 17 different drivers that have scored points in the EFF series to date. We have had some really wet (boatlike?) races, finally a 2 day race weekend at AMP, incredibly close races that were decided by mere inches at the line, but the most impressive thing this year is how close the whole grid is in lap times. Often the entire grid of 10 cars will be covered by less than 2 seconds. Very cool.

East Track Event Review

By Tim H. 4-12-2017

"When I woke up this morning I never imagined I would be dicing with an Atlantic car." - John M.

What really happened at AMP

By Lori Matassa, 04-05-2017

The March event at AMP was a perfect weekend of racing. The weather was slightly overcast, the temperature was pleasant, and the session times were fast and very close. Saturday kept us hopping as there was some confusion with this being my first race event at AMP and getting used to the new session format (1st session is practice/qualifying, qualify race 1, qualify race 2, main race).

Never say 'Never'

It was nearly two years ago that I drove a Formula Ford for the first time - rented the FF from Jens at Hammerhead Racing. It was the first 100 degree day in May 2015. As I suited up for the first time in all the glory of the fire suit, ear plugs, head sock, helmet, gloves…and got strapped into the car, I thought to myself: “Anyone who does this must be nuts!” It wasn’t enough that I was feeling claustrophobic and already melting from the heat (hadn’t even started the car yet), but my forearms were strapped down too. What? Lord help me!

Uro Peen (?) outlook at March 2017 AMP Race

I have been quite remiss in my writing contributions to the EFF website lately, lots of good excuses but not so many good reasons.  So far this year there has been three great racing weekends. The first two took place in typical "English Summer" weather, this last one was a bit more "Arizona" like.

February 2017 WHP West

It never rains in Arizona. Never. That is, unless the EFF group hits the track. The February race was scheduled to run on the WHP Main track. Mere days before the weekend the track announced that the upgrades being worked on for the National Drag Race were behind schedule and we would have to move to the West track. Thankfully we did that as the rains came. Wonderful rain. Wet rain! Yes, Murray, the track was wet! EFF boat racing evolved. The photos say it all. What a hoot. Drivers had an absolute blast and the racing was again amazingly close. Even in the puddles and downpour, drivers were mere inches apart at times.

January 2017 WHP-West

The 2017 EFF season started at the WHP West track. Saturday the racing was on the normal track running CCW and all the drivers settled in to racing. Sunday dawned with a new challenge, running the track CW. It was fun to watch all the drivers trying to figure out braking points, turn in points and where on earth to pass. It was amazing to see how close the cars were running in lap times and on track. At the end of the weekend Dave and Lori finished the last race on Sunday, after 16 laps, seperated by 0.6 secs at the finish line. That is close!

Montreal Grand Prix 2015

Montreal Grand Prix is always filled with anticipation and excitement. Incredible racing is the norm and the fans turn out! Our drivers and crew all arrive on Wednesday evening settle into the hotel and ready themselves for a fabulous weekend in Montreal.

Hot Action Under the California Sun

March 2015 - Test Day

It has been a while since I actually drove a FF for a whole day. Last time was Montreal in 2013, so I was quite excited to finally strap into a car and head out on track for the test day this past Saturday.

I was joined at the track by Alex Herbst, Ken’s other son, so he could familiarize himself with a FF as he has only driven tintops to this point, and Greg Long who wanted to shake down a fresh engine and new eye!


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